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My day started a bit earlier for day two - I headed in and immediately went to the merch stand to grab my buddy a shirt...



November 14, 2023
8 mins
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After a full day of shooting and great shows, I was stoked to start my coverage of day two. Day 1 was the reason I flew out - especially for the type of content we cover at Cosmos. Though there were a bunch of sets I was stoked for on day two. 

Day 2 - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

My day started a bit earlier for day two - I headed in and immediately went to the merch stand to grab my buddy a shirt. They were out of the style I knew he would like and they told me they would have a restock this afternoon. 

Julie was first on the itinerary today who have been blowing up in the underground. Their project ‘Pushing Daisies,’ has been all over my timeline and there’s not a ton of publicly available info on the band (at the time of writing). The shoegaze aesthetics of this performance were super enjoyable and I was stoked to see them on such a big stage. 

Julie - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

After Julie’s set I went to interview Daisy World (coming soon) and got some bacon mac & cheese. After the lunch of champions I went to wait in line again for the merch restock and copped on one of the festival t-shirts. 

I had a lot of time to kill after Julie’s set before Redveil and I spent a bunch of time talking to organizers and people behind the scenes. I love learning about the organizers and all of the insider info on artists.

I think Redveil might have had the best performance I saw of the entire festival. I get that logistically Tyler or Kendrick would likely be the best since they’re on the biggest stage, biggest production, etc. I talked about this performance at length (click here). 

Redveil - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

After missing AG club’s set (sad about that because I heard it was amazing) next on the ballot was Lil Yatchy and PinkPantheress who were performing back-to-back at the Flog stage.

Lil Yachty - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

The crowds were absolutely f***ed for this event and I wasn’t able to capture much from these events. I overheard an interesting conversation between sets from a group of guys whose friend was sent to a mental facility after writing a multi-page manifesto. The experience of random concert goers conversations are always wild and admittedly more interesting then my photos from these sets.

SYD - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

I captured 10 photos of SID in between the Yatchy and PinkPantheress set thought didn’t catch enough of the performance to give my opinion on it. Leaving these sets, I ran into the dudes who helped get me home last night. I thanked them again and walked over to Dominic Fike.

Dominic Fike - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

Dominic’s music again is geared towards a similar audience as Teezo Touchdown (which isn’t for me - though acknowledge how talented they are) and I felt overall his performance was good as well. I caught the end of D4VD’s set and saw couples were scattered across the festival grounds sitting and watching his set. Coming off touring with SZA D4VD’s coming off a massive year and sounded great in his live set. 

D4VD - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

The last set of the event for us was Toro y Moi over on the Gnaw stage. I was really excited to see their set and it definitely was worth the time. They performed a heavily psych and alternative set and was such a feel good environment.

Toro y Moi - Camp Flog Gnaw (2023)

I deceived to leave a bit early because I already did an indepth look on Earl Sweatshirt last year and may or may not be interviewed one of the headliners of the festival. My main reason for coming to Flog Gnaw was for day one but day two still satisfied my expectations.

My favorite sets from the event were Tyler the Creator, Clipse, Redveil, and Kendrick Lamar - all of which have dedicated set recaps.

Much love to Camp Flog Gnaw for having us out this year.

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